Broadband for online gaming

Unleash your super powers

If you’re serious about gaming and looking for a competitive edge, check out our latest broadband packages.

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Optimised for online gaming our bundles give you:

Pure Speed

The fastest connection your line can support

Data travels faster with IDNet. We’re independently rated as one of the fastest, most resilient and best supported networks on the market. Unlike some of the larger broadband providers, we guarantee to never oversubscribe our network. Our bandwidth availability always exceeds demand so you get maximum throughput on your FTTC or ADSL connection.

Heroic consistency

Avoid those traffic-management jitters and death traps

Speed is nothing without consistency. You can’t enjoy your game if your speed drops intermittently causing more lag and latency, not to mention killing your KDR! We never tinker with your connection. We guarantee NO contention, NO throttling, NO traffic shaping and NO port blocking across our network. All that stuff is for losers.

Superior Peering

we’ll hook you up faster with global gaming servers

Our core global Internet connectivity is presented in London at LINX & LONAP, in Frankfurt at DE-CIX, in Amsterdam at AMS-IX, and in Stockholm at NETNOD, where we have multiple transit and peering connections with over 700 global networks, enabling us to deliver data from around the world at incredibly fast speeds. Some of our more prominent gaming peers include: Blizzard, iSD, Multiplay, and Riot, to name a few.
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Lightning pings

Responsive gaming with a low, low-latency connection

lord of the pings or ping the merciless?
You decide.

We've invested in the very latest routing technology to ensure there is no contention across our network. Latency is exceptionally low, delivering lightning quick pings, perfect for responsive gaming. Not to mention ping bragging rights!

Truly unlimited downloads

No download cap means unlimited fun

Gaming can be a download-heavy pastime. So who’d want a capped data plan? Downloading games can eat through your allowance before you know it. And then actual ‘gameplay’ can munch through a fair chunk. Plus most games come with hefty patches and regular updates. So an unlimited package is the only way to go. And when we say "unlimited" we truly mean unlimited, with a fixed price so that you’ll never have to stress about the bill.

twitchtastic uploads

unlimited and un-throttled, we’ll never cramp your style

If you’re into broadcasting awesome gaming skills to the world via Twitch, YouTube or Ustream, you’ll already know that you need a decent stable upload speed. But did you know some ISPs throttle heavy uploads? Don’t worry, we won’t stand in the way of your magnificence for the world to see!

static ip address

this pro-gaming must-have comes standard with idnet

Crucial for some gaming hosts, a static IP address is a pro-gaming broadband must have. Unfortunately, it’s becoming a rarity these days and some ISPs now flatly refuse to offer this facility with their broadband packages. Not so with us. Static IP is king.

And, yes, our network is operating over IPv6! We adopted this protocol several years ago, way ahead of most ISPs, so our network is not only IPv6 ready but leading the field.


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Broadband service is subject to what is available at your address. Our recommended packages for Gamers are:

SuperFast Standard (FTTC 80/20) £46

UltraFast Standard (FTTP 330/50) £65


IDNet Standard Phone Line (normally £12.60) is included with our regular ADSL & FTTC packages. IDNet Standard phone line rental includes 7 line features (caller display, call waiting, call barring, choose to refuse, anonymous call reject and number withhold) and calls from 1p per minute.

Line Only: Included

Unlimited Anytime: +£6.00

Unlimited Anytime Plus: +£12.00

FTTP packages are supplied as data only and have no line rental charges.