Comtrend VR-3030 Modem

Comtrend VR-3030 Modem

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The Comtrend 3030 Modem is our preferred modem of choice selected for its durability and consistent performance.

It is supplied with both the ASUS RT-AC3200 & the Netduma R1.

(NB: The TP-Link router has a built in modem.)

The VR-3030 Multi-DSL Router provides wired access for high-bandwidth applications. We’ve found it to be excellent choice for gaming.

It includes one Fast Ethernet port and supports ADSL2/2+ and VDSL2 connections with automatic fallback to ADSL2+.


Fast Wired Connections

The VR-3030 features ADSL2+ and VDSL2 (17a) with auto-switching based on DSLAM settings. One fast Ethernet port supports LAN traffic at speeds of up to 100 Mbps.

Remote Management

The VR-3030 complies with TR-069/TR-098/ and TR-111 standards to ensure interoperability with standards-based software and hardware.

Simplified Support

Since the VR-3030 has only 1 LAN port and no integrated wireless capabilities, installation is a breeze

Safe & Secure Connections

As the first level of protection, a Stateful Firewall (with DoS protection) and NAT/PAT help to isolate the LAN from external threats. IP and MAC address filtering provide fine-grained access control to or from the network. Advanced security technologies, such as Virtual Private Networks (VPN) with PPTP pass-through, L2TP pass-through and IPSec pass-through ensure secure networking.